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Web3 & Metaverse

NFT Collection

VR Future Genesis

VR Future NFT Sale: Lovekravt successfully generated 7,777 unique pieces of generative art, skillfully crafted an engaging website, and securely deployed smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. To top it all off, we achieved a complete sell-out! This project showcases Lovekravt's ability to combine creativity, technology, and strategic execution in the thriving world of NFTs.

Community Space

LK Spatial Space

At Lovekravt, we are thrilled to reveal our latest venture: a vibrant and expansive virtual universe that embodies our collective's core values. This virtual environment is designed as a playful and immersive space that encourages exploration, creativity, and growth among our members, the Kravters. Our virtual world consists of diverse environments, each uniquely crafted to invoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and discovery.

XR Experiences

Instagram AR Filter

VR Future

To celebrate the groundbreaking NFT collection, we've created an exciting promotional AR filter on Instagram. Try out one of the NFTs' unique VR goggles through the filter. Capture and share your experience for a chance to win incredible merchandise!

XR Installation

Boijmans van Beuningen

We were ecstatic to partner with the prestigious Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen! They've asked us to digitize iconic pieces like Viktor&Rolf's "Dream jacket" and Jean Arp's 'Homme vu par une fleur' sculpture , crafting immersive XR installations to merge the audience with the metaverse. This collaboration culminated in a captivating, technologically-enriched artistic encounter!

Snap Filter

Bouncy Chicks

We joined the Snap Lensathon and created Bouncy Chicks: an experience the joy of feeling connected and loved with our adorable bouncy chicks. Surround yourself with these cute creatures and watch as they flock together. Feeding them adds to the fun, making for a delightful and engaging experience.

XR Installation


Universe Studio's RGB XYZ Digital Arts Expo in Amsterdam is about to redefine digital marvels. Guided by the inventive spirit of LoveKravt, prepare to dive into a unique fusion of art and technology, featuring breathtaking XR creations. As we gear up for another vibrant celebration of creativity, get ready to be captivated once more. A new era of inspiration awaits.

Game development

Mobile Game

Bouncy birds

Dive into Bouncy Birds: Cosmic Conquest, a mobile game with unique gameplay! As an enigmatic alien, explore vibrant microplanets with your charming bouncing birds, seeking shimmering stardust crystals. Utilize NFTs to customize your flock and enhance abilities. With DNA-optimized tiny helpers, experience the perfect blend of exotic mystery and innovative gameplay on your mobile device. Join the cosmic adventure today!

Mobile AR Game

Terminal 1

An exhilarating AR mobile game from VR Future, invites players to dive into a playful and immersive world that pushes the boundaries of gaming. LOVEKRAVT's expert team is taking it a step further with a thrilling VR port, hacking limitations and enabling players to experience timewarping hyperspeed without the motion sickness! Get ready to embark on an adventure that combines futuristic tech with a captivating backstory, as Terminal 1 continues to redefine the limits of AR and VR gaming.

Play2Earn Game

Crypto Pills Origins

A unique and engaging mobile experience, showcased the successful collaboration between Lovekravt and renowned Dutch artist Micha Klein. The play-to-earn concept allowed users to log in with their NFTs, converting them into playable characters, and compete on a shared leaderboard. This innovative approach to community engagement led to impressive results, with increased participation and a thriving, interactive environment where players could earn valuable prizes.
"Lovekravt's creativity and technical expertise exceeded our expectations"
VR Future
"Working with Lovekravt was a seamless experience.
They truly understood our vision and delivered outstanding results"
"The Lovekravt team is professional, innovative, and dedicated to excellence"
Micha Klein

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